my fav barbie

nat: hey deboo (points to guy walking in front), that guy is totally your type!
me: nah, he’s too short!
nat: ay but ur ex last time..not very tall either
me: yeah but he was smart and charming
rams: debs were u attached in medsch?
me: yeah for the first half of yr 1 only
ash: where’s ur ex ar? (begins the ash voice and expression) i’m gonna scold him for letting go of sucha fabulous girl
me: aww i can give you his number and you can scold him for me :p

haha lol awww ASH <3 hugss and kissess xoxo u’re my favourite barbie!

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1 Response to my fav barbie

  1. ashlovesdebs says:

    aww debbiezz..i love u so much! and i love this barbie:)

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