walking the DAWG

DAWG! :)

hi guys, pls meet ‘dawg’, my faithful runner friend. he sits fastened onto my left shoelace whenever i go running. so essentially, each time i run, i’m walking my dawg (dog)! whee perfect name, isn’t it! always wanted a dog but i’ll never have enough time to play with it, or to be responsible for it. ha so here’s the perfect solution.

7km run (60 minute workout run)

so today, i went on a 1hr run after a long hiatus of 4 days! this run almost didnt log into my chart. something wrong with the syncing. i was almost so pissed! that’s like 7km lost if it didnt log!!

so anyways, whilst still on the treadmill, after i completed that run, i realised i was ~1km away from completing a cumulative 50km mark! (see below! it some nike progress bar thingy- after completing 50km, ya can move from yellow to green!) hence i embarked on a 1km speed interval :

my 1km in the form of speed intervals, just so i can hit a cumulative 50km (turn from yellow to green) on my nike progress bar!

but to my dismay, cos my ipod rounds up the figures whilst it’s not yet sync-ed to my comp, i was short of 0.14km! ARGHHHHHHHH i so wanted to move up a level!! :(:( should have just ran a little more extra.

ARGHH! short of 0.14km!!

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