bad bad

worse lunch ever today
dont know why i was so hungry today

1 plate of nasi briyani
2 bottles of minute maid apple cranberry
3 cookies (from cheers- sucks man!! ate 1 and half and half)
1 can of campbell tomato soup when i got home (serves 2 and a half bowls)

no idea why the binge
perhaps it was just one of those sucky days
opthalmo is really tough. i just cant seem to see anything i’m supposed to be seeing
and to make matters worse i feel so unprofessional today
i actually asked the 2 consultants we were following (both am and pm) about my myopia and whether i was going to go blind
plus i wasnt very smooth at asking
was kinda like asking for free consultation
which i was in a way la
but was kinda worried cos just this morning my dad told me i shouldnt do something surgery based cos my eyesight’s not too great

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