personal best!

on another note, i clocked a personal best today!
this is my first run since the crazy ultimate bootcamp workout i did last ?tues
was crazy man i ached, the whole week after that
and up till yest my feet were still feeling so sore and tired! (might be from standing in the clinics..not

but yeah it was a nice feeling!
first time trying out interval runs.
did a baseline of 6.2km/h for 10 minute intervals, and 8.2km/h of 5 minute bursts
and for the last 5minutes of the last 10minute interval, did a 7km/h
and finally a 9.2km/h burst for the final 5 minute burst

treadmill was set at hill intervals, grade 2, 6o minutes

so at the end of the workout, this voice suddenly came about.
“Congratulations. This is Lance Armstrong. You have just finished recording a personal best for the mile.”

Was a nice surprise!!! haha oh for those who dont know, this ipod+nike contraption has like a built in trainer voice. i set mine as the female voice usually.
but yeah so encouraging!
think my last personal best was like my first run using this thingum haha

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