rainy run around burgundy!

so today i ran back from westmall after i returned some nlb bookss

westmall-bt batok ave 3- burgundy- jln jurong kechil..it's the ~6.1km one..not the 9k one!

bought a peach danish from breadtalk before starting just in case i might die from hypoglycemia..though i highly doubt it cos i ate loads of chicken wings last night at eunice’s. haha anws, the peach danish was freaking bad. think processed peach out of the can, stuffed in somewhat soggy pastry. gross. but i ate it anyway. prob the cause of my current stomachache. seriously man d, when in doubt, spit it out!!

so anyway then i began my run. it started to rain almost immediately. what great luck right. but i carried on anyway. haha was a new experience running in the rain alone (the last time was with my bro, at 2am and with a jacket) but it wasnt too cold. it got heavier and heavier though. but thankfully, halfway through ave 3, it kinda stopped. or maybe i ran out of the rain zone.
didnt go by the regular 852 route cos i wanted to go round burgundy and conquer the killer hill. lol i did it! haha slowly la but i didnt really enjoy it as much as i wanted to. kinda sucks being drenched, holding a plastic bag to contain ur ipod and cards etc (good thing i bought breadtalk on hindsight..for the breadtalk plastic bag!! haha) and running up a hill…

so anyway, i’m back safe and sound. no cars tried to knock me down this time round..THANK GOD! stuffing my face with fishball noodles and curry puffs now. toodles!

100710 road run: westmall-bt batok ave 3- burgundy- jln jurong kechil

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