i have awesome friends

was feeling very frustrated with opthalmo qns so i went to the gym (haha i moved my fat ass in the end!! lol)

so anyway when i came back, look what i found!! hahaha omg i totally love my friends they’re so funny!!


so anyway, here’s today’s dooze: (no pics today cos i really need to finish up my case writeup and study for my test on fri :S)

20 min run (hill intervals level 5, speed mostly 6.4km/h)
was feeling suppperr lerthargic until just past my target 20min mark..then i got my runner’s high! so i increased the speed abt 1km/h for each ~min until 9km/but the machine would only run for another 2.5 mins so then i stopped and moved on.

x2000 jump rope skips
(in sets of 500, 500, 1000)

tried to do a recording with nike+ipod – haha prob set my ave pace record back by a lot!! jumpropes simply not = running in terms of speed
haha but who cares anws. so yups averages out to 3 min 45 secs per 500 skips.
fastest was my first set of 500- ~2 min 30secs

in between skipping sets did some workouts
x500 skips
12 shoulder dumbell lateral raises
x500 skips
set 2: 12 standing palms-in dumbbell press, 12 skaters (omg i looked like a doofus cos of my poor balance), 12 squats, 12 squats with leg abduction, 12 curtsy lunges
x1000 skips

NOTE TO SELF: bring more water when skipping! nothing dehydrates more than jumprope skips!!

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