wanted to do a longer post abt my awesome -post-eopt day but i’m super tired now. suffice to say my cg rocks!

my regular log as usual..
breakfast: beef burger/sandwich
lunch: awesome vegeterian food at bombay cafe (i quote keith referring to referred diaphramatic pain- “have u ever eaten until your shoulders hurt??” + nat’s flourless CRACK choc cake (i got the recipe! cant wait to try it out!!)
dinner/supper: 2 scoops of island creamery- pingpong milo and soursop sorbet!

we watched inception. it’s such a great watch.. thoroughly enjoyed it! we have 2 schools of thoughts abt it…and it seems that the 2 camps are like gender divided..but of cos..ash and i are right HAHA lol


picture of the day!

boys posing like they're mugging for the next posting alr with k going like 'whatt the????'

i wanna put ash’s bimbo picturess but they’re mostly in jeevs phone hiyar. anw i got back and rushed to the gym so i could finish a run before it closes. was a super sluggish run. not the best run la. ok tooodles!!

shall upload today’s pictures and videos on fb soon!! :P

sluggish run!!

160710 45min run, hill intervals level 4, 6.8km/h

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1 Response to inception

  1. ashlovesdebs says:

    i love our cg!…haha..i came back and slept soundly lol, after having b&j’s a cookie affair…can’t wait for next week!

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