monkeys, cakes and a new personal best! :D

i had a really great day today!

in a snippet,
– a monkey came into my house today and attempted to make away with our 1 kg pack of cashew nuts! my mom used a gala pole and managed to scare it into dropping it in my patio.

monkey still not leaving even after we chased it away!

they usually just run along the fence when they come, first time they came all the way into my living room!

"why you...@#$%^!! i want those cashew nuts!!"

the 1 kg pack of cashew nuts

-attempted to bake ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ crack cake. fail!! doesnt give me the wow feeling, tastes more like caramel and rather oily and a bit too ‘wet’!
ingredients were right, but my steps might have been wrong.

flourless chocolate cake

post-mortem analysis: shall separate out the egg yolk and egg white next time!! mix half of the sugar with the egg yolk, and the other half while using the mixer.
2nd problem is the oilyness..maybe i’ll add less butter next time.
3rd problem- the wettest..maybe with less butter it’ll be less wet too? a bit too sweet too- lessen sugar. took some pictures but haha shant put them up..looks like just a brown squaree…boringg! no cracks even lol

– new personal record for the mile!! :D (note to self so i dont have to keep googling mile
1 mile = 1.609344 kilometers
why does the US have to use a different metric system?? like miles and lbs! so confusing for me whenever i read other fitblrs (fitness tumblr blogs) and i love to read them cos they motivate me to bits! always have to mentally calcualte…anyhoos yayness! :D

new personal best of 6

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