my last run, a week ago! :(

25 july 2010

no runs this week. but i managed to squeeze some cardio in between.

this week has been extremely busy, and might i say a bit tumultuous.

interesting week but draining physically and emotionally.

this week i pondered about:

confidence vs humility
friendliness vs cockiness
professionalism vs indifference

all in all, i don’t feel like i’ve matured enough. it’s so hard to be a bit of both. it’s just beyond me. it’s like i’m emotional-expressionally stunted or something.

this week, i pondered also about the how at the end of the day, medicine cant save lives. only God can. the futility of cpr.

this week, i experienced deaths.

this week, i experienced detachment.

this week, i experienced humility and i recognised that i cannot think i can do everything alone. i was jolted back to the realisation that i need God.

this week, i felt helpless but received love and care from my family, people whom I’ve at times snubbed at or complained about, people whom I so often take for granted. i love my mom and dad.

this week, i realised my flaws and weaknesses to a degree like never before.

this week, i made mistakes, i screwed up.

this week, i was ashamed of my poor judgement calls and slothfulness.

next week, will be a new week, a new start.

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