my first 15k!! and more new toys :P

my first 15k run! :P abt 2hrs

my running log thus far since i got my furthest run so far!

today’s a happy day for me. i completed my first 15km! took me abt 2hrs..really tiring and i ended up slow jogging towards the end but whoo it’s a real achievement for me and i feel really happy :D

been feeling quite low on confidence lately so a kinda slight booster for me :) thank God!

last week i hardly ran, so i kinda lost my today i bought new ones heehee

introducing…BUGS and BUBBLES! :P heehee omg damage done: S$77.80
BUGS alone cost like $54.90 man. big hole in my nonexistent pocket.
but like i told my mom, they are investments haha :D

BUGS and BUBBLES! :P yeap i named them already hehee

BUGS! :P with mr wiggles

bubbs! i retained bubb's original name cos it fits so nicely! bubb's for when i'm not running. dont wanna seem like some poser walking around with sports headphones!!

a very happy me camwhoring after my run!

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