1st Summer Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, Fireworks and Rag Performance! :D


The 1st Youth Olympic Games Torch Arrival Celebrations was held at my uni..together with our annual rag and flag day!!..where each faculty and hall makes a float and puts together a performance! The above vid is my hall’s! it’s amazing and we really shd have won the competition!! we were so good! the country we were assigned to do was seoul.

the mascots lyon and merly, from a distance

lyon and merly, closer up (still blur cos these were taken by my camera phone)

merly! haha i think the mascots are real cute!

merly...the back of merly that is..haha

The Olympic Flame!


i’m like an excited little school girl! but i think it’s really cool we get to host the first youth olympic games! international event! it’s so exciting just imagining how top sporting talents all over the world will be right here for the next few weeks to compete. makes me kinda wish i were one of them pro athletes!!

fireworks video!! http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=445321504084&saved#!/video/video.php?v=445321504084

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