Adidas miCoach

this is way cool! shall get this when my nike+ipod battery dies!it’s pretty pricey though! :/

miCoach Pacer system ($219), miCoach Zone ($119)..but it’s so cool!

“The miCoach Pacer consists of a stride sensor, a heart rate monitor (which Nike+ lacks) and a main control unit, which collects the workout information like pace, heart rate, stride rate and calories burned. You can sync the information to the miCoach website by connecting the main control unit to your Mac or PC.”

a review by men’s health…i’m not a man though!! rawrrr!! i’m a girl!!!

having some second thoughts abt it, but it’s still super cool!

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3 Responses to Adidas miCoach

  1. wari says:

    miCoach is a fun toy, only that there’s more pieces to carry. But the footpod is a lot better than Nike+ pedometer.

    • yeah it looks really cool but also kinda expensive! how’s the footpod better?
      the online console for the miCoach is a lot more developed as well. that’s a big drawing point. the nike one is too constricting!

      • wari says:

        miCoach is more expensive as you got a bunch of training programs, a nice little control unit that does more than say “go faster”, heart rate monitor, and a proper footpod (uses Dynastream Technology) see – in the Product Description section. In a nutshell “The system was designed to measure each stride via a patented accelerometer, which measures all parameters of each foot stride, computes that data, then wirelessly transmits speed and distance information”

        Anyway, real world use, I had Nike+, and I’ve played with the Dynastream footpod. I’ve got more disappointments with Nike+, and the fact that it does not let you change the batteries is a letdown.

        miCoach has its weaknesses as well, particularly, at the moment, no way to export your data. This is why, I’m with Garmin :)

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