20 min run and trying out the new elliptical!

20 min run, speed intervals, incline 7.0%

did a 20 min speed interval run on the treadmill and then tried out the new elliptical machine for 3omins

the new elliptical machine in my gym..so blur..i really need to get a new camera phone!!

zoomed out view of the new elliptical machine

i must say, i dont quite like it! feels like it’s too much effort. running’s so much easier. i did get a bit more used to it towards the end. did the X workout + arm blaster.

i dont quite understand how to work this thing though. everytime i try to reverse direction, the machine stops (it’s kinetic driven, no electrical supply). frustrating!!

workout for today:
15 lower abs lifts (the one that emms taught me!)
20 crunches
15 reverse crunches (a new one)
20 crunches
20 bicycle crunches
20 crunches

read somewhere that crunches arent really that effective. so i shall be switching to planks soon!

on another note, the guard at my gym changed! :( nooo…i want the nice uncle back who will let me stay past the gym closure time for up t0 like 10 mins! the new guard like didnt even wanna give me 2 more mins. i had to convince him that i’ll switch off the aircon and lights myself..

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