most haphazard workout ever :(

most haphazard workout ever. my heart just wasnt there :/ too distracted about stuff to study for the end of posting test this sat. haiiizz.

oh wells. nevertheless, today’s workout:

10 mins on the spin bike, tabata intervals (20 sec of high intensity output, 10 secs rest)! it supposedly raises ur metabolism for the next 31 hours??!! wow
xcept that i should have done it in 4 min sets, probably for maximal benefit. and that mine was not an exercise bike per se, but a spin bike, only working them legs.

next, 10 mins hill intervals level 5 (incline 4%-  9%). a very distracted run

10 min hill intervals, level 5

lastly, wanted to finish off with 10 mins on the elliptical but they were both occupied by 2 japanese housewives who were trying to switch on them machines half way through their workout, when it switched off cos they stopped moving.. so hilarious! there were like no power plugs plugged in at all, and they like switched on the switches several times!! the both of them!! LOL japanese technology is too advanced. wireless power cords ftw! haha dearest ash if u’re reading this now..omg they totally reminded me of fav bimbo!! haha <3

so anyway i did 20 pushups, tried to do some twists on the stability ball (but i couldnt rmb how the workout’s supposed to go so i stopped) and  then scurried home (having my dinner now as i type…at 11+pm!! was yet another 5hr lecture on ecg. lol the finale of the 6 lectures) but now i can confidently read one! :D prof suresh rocks!!

oh wells. time to go now. will be on a hiatus for the next few days. there’s just too much work to do, more 8am to 11pm days and the body’s getting too sluggish- time for a rest! :)

on a separate note, “Time is myocardium!” -our beloved Prof Suresh on intervention for AMIs. aye aye captain!!
lol. time is money is so passe man.

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3 Responses to most haphazard workout ever :(

  1. ohmygawd..the tabata intervals really work..can feel my heart racing..this is like 3 hrs post-tabata!

  2. ching says:

    debo you are a super workout enthusiast! ;) on your way to winning the next bodybuilding championship ;)

    • haha chingzz i dun wanna be a bodybuilderr!! just want toner arms..but omg it’s all gonna be undone by this short break i’m gonna take to now i’m eating cold beehoon straight from the fridge!! need dopamine high mann..tmr so early again sigghhhh!!!!!

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