Of marathons and end of posting

i’ve made a personal vow never to join marathons because i dont like the pressure that comes with it, and how it may take the fun out of running..but i was surfing facebook (yes! :D finally eopt is over!!) and i saw some pics of my fren taking part in the Shape Run 2010 http://www.shape.com.sg/promo/2010/shaperun/and i cant help but wish i had taken part as well. it looked fun and it was 5km and 10km, distances that i have at least ran before.

reading the article also gave me an idea of what the standard is like out there.
tops for 10k, was 39min and 57 secs (15.01km/h or 4’00″/km’)
and for 5k, 19min 37 secs (15.31km/h or 3’55”/km)

SICK man. but wow. inspiring!
but for now, i’ll just stick to my leisure jogging! :D

but shall set my goal to be:
10km: 1h10min (8.57km/h, 7’00″/km)
5km: 35min (8.58km/h, 7’00″/km)
[my ave pace now is 7’49″/km. best achievement is 6’33”/km for 9.2km]

eopt is over now, and while i’ll miss life at the ED, i’m also pretty glad for the break from consecutive 8am-11pm days, 6 days a week. will def miss prof! he’s so inspiring and dedicated! this posting has been not only very beneficial, but has been one that has gotten me to know myself better and now i see all my flaws like never before. it’s how ur true self comes out when u’re really tired. something to work on! and to be the woman God wants (proverbs 31).  i have a long way to go but i’m working on it!

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