tabata intervals attempt 2 and a whine

attempted to give the cardio tabata intervals another go!

squat jumps
high knees
butt kicks
jumping jacks
jump ropes
mountain climbers
hover jacks

the last time round, i gg-ed at butt kicks during just the first set, so this time round, i decided to start from burpees. the first 3 are notably the most tiring for me!!

so same thing, at 20 secs per workout and ~10-15secs rest intervals, i managed to do 3 sets!! :D really a good idea to start at the burpees cos squat jumps and high knees totally pump all the heart out of me. haha

i over ate again tonight. :( dinner was at fish n co (was nadsiee’s bday celebration!) and to put it in the least embarrassing way ever, i had 3/4 and 1/2 portion. :( and it’s fish n co. think oily, deep fried and extremely jelat. it’s not that i couldnt feel the fullness, in fact i could feel it just at the 3/4 portion mark..but it’s just the greediness, the want of having to taste and savour the food (the fish n co rice was the main culprit here!!) that did me in! and of cos, with the rice u have to have sides (i.e. more food).
and to make things worse, i try to legitimise by telling myself that it’s ok cos i do run/jog every now ans then  but still! haiz honestly i wouldnt be fussing too much, but this is like the 3rd day in a row, i’ve eaten so much to the point that hours later, when i sit down i feel SICK. like really unwell and queasy. it’s all the fried unhealthy food. :( body’s telling me i gotta stop.

on another note, i gotta start doing these workouts at the gym, where i can use some shoes!! i’m getting blisters from the mountain climbers esp!! lol

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2 Responses to tabata intervals attempt 2 and a whine

  1. wari says:

    Why not just get a cheap pair of snickers for home use only for your home-made gym? Even those double-happiness brand ones will do :)

    It’s sure is cheaper than paying for the gym a few times.

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