a run and a night of many frens!

went for a run with elin (my squash team mate and busmate/schmate all the way frm prisch to secsch and now uni) today :D was fun!
i tried to do interval sprints in between :)

interval sprints..most pleased with the first one!

sprint pace of abt 5'XX

felt most accomplished with my first sprint! was for a distance of abt 250m (between 3.22km to 3.48km) at a pace of 5’XX” against a bgd pace of 7’54”.

the dist of 250m felt long enough to be happy about heehee :P felt pretty long to me actually haha.. i couldnt sustain the same distance for the subsequent sprints but it’s a special distance for me cos that was my track nationals event (the only running intersch event i was ever registered for) when i was in p4 (200m sprint) but then i chickened out last minute with an mc, even though it was just a very minor flu..hahaha :x
managed to sustain the 5’XX” pace for the second sprint too :D but after that couldnt alr
hehe i’m so happppy! :D lalalala

haha ok and now this is where i’ll start my account of my interesting bumping- into- many- old- frens night! this run was a road route from upp bt timah to clementi so instead taking the detour back, i stopped by dailyscoop at sunsetway for icecreamwith my mcg (mini care grp)- gwyn and jas today.
the icecream scooper turned out to be daphne..met her at sihua’s departure a few yrs ago. was so nice to meet her again! and then half way through the icecream, someone else suddenly opened the door and called me! was mrslucytan my ex-home econs tcher :P haha awesomeness she was with my now retired principal and another tcher from the pri side on one of their walks. i love mg to bits man. the tchers are like no other. the best ever! :D:D after that
we went for dinner at alameen and while walking back, i met gerry! :D

awesome day! thank God for blessing me with so many frens! :):)

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