14.48km road run, 1h 51mins + awesome workout tracks!

14.48km road run- the funny spikes at the beginning were cuz of the 30secs interval runs i was listening to (motiontraxx!) see below!

from upper bt timah-clementi- commonwealth- holland village- clementi- upp bt timah!

Went on an exploratory run today! :D i love doing these runs cos u get to..i dunno..feel like a car? HAHA :D 14.48km as recorded on my nike+ipod but dailymile map says is 14.6km and nikeplus map says it’s 14.8km. haha but i shall take it a 14.48km, lower estimate always better than overestimate!

just discovered http://www.motiontraxx.com last night so i decided to use 3 of their tracks for my 2 hr run today! it’s quite cool. i think if not for the tracks, my pace would have been much slower than 7’41″/km haha

1. Episode #26 “Fitness Magazine You Can Do It: Lost 10 Lbs”Interval #1: ‘The Quickie’
It’s easy. Speed up and then recover. Repeat 8 times for a complete cardio session.

2. Episode 36: Fitness Magazine ‘Bikini Ready in 4 Weeks’ – ‘Twist n Sweat’
30 Minutes
Easier intervals that will have you walking, twisting, jogging and sweating.

3. Episode 41: “Latin-ocity vol. 2”60 minutes @ 130 BPM
Latin Fuego Moves You.
Feel the passion all over again with this summery Latin mix.

the bikini ready track is quite funny. they ask u to swing ur arms and twist ur body. i think the dude who happened to run behind me along the commonwealth stretch must have thought i was a super dumbb kinda runner..hahaha who on earth runs while shaking their body?? haha but it was fun :D

tiring nonetheless! after 10km (oh which i must add, i finished in 1hr 15mins! haha still 5 mins off from my 1hr 10mins goal), my right arm started to get numb. think maybe from holding my ipod.

haha but whee :D i feel accomplished!

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