7 Habits Of Highly Effective Exercisers!

via ** The Road to Slim City **.

Day after day, working out can feel like a drill.  Yet fitness devotees somehow muster the motivation.  Steal their tricks and (almost) never miss a workout again.

1.  Dont put away your gear.

Visual cues are a wake-up call to your brain.  “We all have competing priorities like work, family, chores.  Sometimes we need a reminder to keep exercise at the forefront.

2.  Turn your commute into a workout.

Running, walking, or biking somewhere you have to go anyway makes exercise feel time efficient.  “And you dont have to carve out another part of your day for it.” says Michelle Fortier, Ph.D, professor of health sciences at the University of Ottawa.  “Its an effective strategy for people who are busy from morning till night.

3.  Invest in more workout clothes.

“Having the right clothing doesnt just remove a hurdle; it reinforces your identity as an exerciser.” McGonigal says.  “And when exercising is an integral part of your identity, it isnt optional anymore.  Its just part of your life.”  Plus, youve got to wear those adorable new workout clothes somewhere.

4.  Log your workouts online.

Social networking sites like Facebook and DailyMile offer and extra layer of social support.  “You’ve got potentially all of you online contacts holding you accountable,” says Michele Olsen, Ph.D a Fitness advisory board member and professor of exercise science at Auburn University at Montgomery in AL.

5.  Involve your causes.

A political junkie, Rachel Simpson, 31, decided to use her partisan loyalties to help herself lose weight.  She vowed to exercise 4 times a week; for each week she failed to do so, she agreed on Stickk (a website that helps people stay committed to their goals) to donate $25 to the library of a former president she didnt like.  “Suddenly, working out was mandatory!” says the recent law school graduate in Minneapolis.  Three months later, she was down 16 lbs- and hadnt betrayed her party.

6.  Make friends with class regulars

Its smart time management.  You get your social fix while doing physical activity.  Both boost health, and the better you feel, the likelier you are to want to exercise.

7.  Create an exercise contest.

Competition turns a solitary pursuit into a fun group one.  “By trying to beat each other, youre actually pulling each other along,” Visek says.  “Even playful heckling validates that youre working toward a similar goal.

By Jennifer Song  – for more info on these 7, Fitness July/Aug 2010.

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