bmi too high!!!

just participated in a 5 day study of physical activity (had to wear a waist pedometer) and zomg I have a freaking sedentary lifestyle! bmi is also too high, puts me in the moderate risk for chronic diseases :(

it’s not a new thing, always knew was a bit on the heavy side but smthing has to be done! was nvr really abt wt loss and all, but think i need to start on it. need to shed abt 10kg! it’s gonna be real hard! was just abt 3kg lighter than my current wt when I was 12 years old (i’m still the same height!!!). and now…10 years later, I need to try to be 10kg lighter..zomg this is impossible! how do pple ever maintain to be in the healthy bmi range so effortlessly??????

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  1. wari says:

    If you don’t do exercise, just sit around all day for your whole life and not eat too much food, then I think you can be in the “healthy” BMI range. It’s bullshit, and it’s probably a number created by insurance companies to assess health risks and charge loading costs on their customers.

    My BMI is 30, but I exercise about 4 hours a week, doing long distance or endurance stuff. I’m co couch potato, but because of that number, I’m at the “tomorrow might die” list. If you’re a body builder, forget about BMI, the number won’t make sense anymore.

    I do wish to be lighter so that I can get faster, not because I need to get healthier, though a smaller tummy might help :)

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