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spins and scrubs

so running’s lost it’s spark for me..temporarily i hope! so today i did 20mins on the spins machine, while watching 1 episode of scrubs. it was pretty grand cuz the new spins machine has arm rests. naise!

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gynae onco

gynae onco is prob the part of obgyn i enjoythe most. but i just cant get over that in such a day and age of high technology and such, much of the definitive diagnosis/staging has to be done through radical … Continue reading

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20 mins hill intervals, 20 mins spins!

20 mins hill intervals 20 mins spins machine 20 ladies push-ups 20 crunches 20 facedown hip external rotation (attempted!! but did it wrongly) 20 all fours leg kick out 20 stability ball butt lifts (haha i rmbed this one wrongly..was … Continue reading

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promises we made; cradle to grave, 40mins!

shall be updating from tumblr from now onnn :) i thinkkkk promises we made; cradle to grave, 40mins!. 5.31km, 40mins todayy! yes, after 1 week of saying i’ll get back on the track(road)/tread(mill) lol, i finally did it! they made some … Continue reading

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running woess

I will run tmr…I will run tmr…I will run tmr..!! in all honesty, I think I’m hitting a deadlock. it’s getting increasingly hard to move my butt..dont get me wrong, I still enjoy running, really makes me feel awesome but … Continue reading

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my fitness blog is slowly becoming my whining blog again..the original haha oh wells I can’t help it..i’m sucha whiner!! anws, i’m at kkh now and gosh there’s really food at every turn, literally!! macs, prima deli waffles, much much … Continue reading

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after 4 days of throughout the day snoozing…sleep debt finally paid back in full! =) feel so much better! now to get back on the road/treadmill..i’m totally feeling the inertia

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very shagged manz. doing calls really just throws u off ur day n night cicardian rhythm. been really really tired and hardly even fnished studying for the midposting test, which is finally over! will be off to msia for the … Continue reading

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Women’s Health: Beginning Runner’s Guide! my fav quotes!!

3. Be a minuteman”The biggest mistake that new runners make is that they tend to think in mile increments–1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles. Beginning runners need to think in minutes, not miles.” –Budd Coates, four-time U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials … Continue reading

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31 aug 2010

retrospective entry for 31 aug 2010 cuz i’ve been soo busy!!

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