31 aug 2010

retrospective entry for 31 aug 2010 cuz i’ve been soo busy!!

tried to start off this run as fast as i could! this is abt as fast as my lungs can take me lol..halfway thru my ipod jammed! :( run continues with next ipod+nike entry....

continuation of the prev run..after my ipod jammed! omg after busting my lungs frm the start of the run, i felt like a completely deflated balloon for the rest of the run. less than half way through i started craving coca-cola!! (addiction catches on so fast..i only resumed my coke drinking habits just last wk!!) tiring tiring run. but encouragement of the day came when a dude on a truck randomly cheered 'jiayou' for fun. haha was for fun for him, but it certainly made a difference!! :P

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