running woess

I will run tmr…I will run tmr…I will run tmr..!!

in all honesty, I think I’m hitting a deadlock. it’s getting increasingly hard to move my butt..dont get me wrong, I still enjoy running, really makes me feel awesome but getting out there is increasingly a problem! the fact tt sch is so tiring just makes it worse!

nonetheless, sigh the gym feels kinda boring and mundane, road tracks are nice but the thought of the traffic lights totally turn me off, not to mention car exhaust (except at night-tt’s why I prefer night jogs insteadd!), and the constant cigarette smoke outside the sim and ngeeann stretches (this totally spoils my run). I need some new variety. last night I did a round abt run around my estate, but thinking abt it’s so boring I just much rather conserve energy and sleep/study.

I think I shall try bt timah hill soon!

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