my fitness blog is slowly becoming my whining blog again..the original haha
oh wells I can’t help it..i’m sucha whiner!!

anws, i’m at kkh now and gosh there’s really food at every turn, literally!! macs, prima deli waffles, much much better kopitiam than nuh, and omg all the food on kopitiam actually looks appetising!
totally fantasised abt the quarter pounder macs meal during clinics this morning! couldn’t help it..mc value lunch!!! and before 9am, u get breakfast sets for just 4bucks?? zomg..had like 2 macs breakfasts in the last wk already (not to mention my crazy steamboat/hotplate buffet and oily marybrown in genting)..zomg my appetite really shot up in the last week..so hungry/greedy all the time!
so anw, in the end, I had charkwayteow for lunch cuz my frens were at kopitiam..hugggee serving! my frens were sayin it’s even more calories than the quarter pounder! haha omg I felt so cheated mannn…ahhs haha

on another note, sigh wanted to go for another 30min jog this evening (did 30mins last night..finally after a 2 week hiatus!!! finally backk in businesss yooo!)
but I ended up falling asleep..I just woke upp…

omg I have to add, my fren baked for me a whole huge jar of cookies..and i just finished it alll :x omg best cookies in the world..even better than famous amos..was gonna share them w my family..but I ended eating them all ahhh

zomg..I’m gonna put on so much weight! ESP in the next 3 weeks at kk..oh no how!!!

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