gynae onco

gynae onco is prob the part of obgyn i enjoythe most. but i just cant get over that in such a day and age of high technology and such, much of the definitive diagnosis/staging has to be done through radical surgery or poking laproscopes to have an actual visual look at wads going on in there. no CT, MRI wont do.
i do like the explorative surgery part of the diagnosis but that’s from an interest point of view. i do hope there’s eventually a less invasive way of making a diagnosis.

anyhow, was just revising abt ovarian ca and prognosis and it brought to my mind this jap patient i saw abt 2 years ago. median survival for advacned ovarian ca is ~2-3yrs. this patient had colon ca ?3-5yrs? before i saw her and now(then) she had developed ovarian ca. very consistent with the hereditary form of gene mutations (both colon and ovarian ca), but yeah, just wondering now, 2 years down the road, is she still alive? i rmb asking her abt  how she was coping. was she ok, and she told me she was more tired and frustrated at constantly having new cancers than anything else- being sad etc. i can still rmb the look of exasperation on her face.

hmm, anyhow, hope you are well.

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