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31/10/10 intrafac floorball and a run!

intrafac floorball today! was reallly fun :) then went for a run with ilman! haha i used ‘run’ instead of jog cuz today was max effort!!! esp trying to chiong up hills!! haha

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whines again

i’m so lazy. all i do all day is eat and sleep :( no yaf today cuz it was kindergarten concert, so then i fell asleep (unintentionally!!) from 1pm to 6pm! got up, opened book, poured THREE bowls of cereal, … Continue reading

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marie claire youtubes

just discovered these treasures!! great workout exercises!!!!!

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29 oct 2010 spins and weights, sumo squats! blast those inner arms and thighs!

random note of the day: best way to mop up spills- socks!! (in bid to incorporate the new lifestyle of a shiong paeds posting and exercise!!!) random fact of the day: physiological S2 split 1. Chest wall expands during inspiration 2. … Continue reading

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time to move my butt

but i’m too lazyyyy :( rawrs!! maybe laterrrr ———————————————- okiess so i did finally drag my butt out!! did abt 30mins in the gym until closing time. did some weights and 8 mins of spins. haha so pathetic. zomg i … Continue reading

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new life aim

God taught me an impt lesson today. i wrote him a letter/my resolution/prayer on my private lj, i really want to share it with the world, but i’m not ready just yet. thank god for micah 6:8 and mark 8:36. … Continue reading

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26/10/10 :(

hide me now, under Your wings

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