life’s little achievements! :D 16km and nike+ orange zone to green zone!!

picture 1: (last week) 13km more to green zone; picture 2:GREEN ZONE!! :D

license to boast! :D

still admiring the change in colour! gonna need 747km now to reach the next zone-'s gonna take quite a whilee

new nike mini bgd! so cute!!! :D:D

my last run and my run today. can see the difference treadmill hill intervals and freestyle running at my nice and easy pace hahah

obgyn osse/mini-cex/writeups pretty messed up right now :(
oh wells at least there are better things in life to look forward too! :D

while running back during this 2 hour journey, i suddenly missed home a lot. all i wanted to do was get home quick, and be with my mum and dad.
hmm really thank God that I can complete my education here in sg manz.
though it’s pretty stressful, i think i’d be reallly really homesick. just 2 hrs and i cannot tahan alr. lol

Learning To Breathe- Switchfoot
Dear God,
i’m learning to breathe, i’m learning to crawl,
i’m finding that You, and You alone can break my fall :)

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