watch out DORA, here comes DEBORA the explorer! :P cycling to vivocity/prive!


areas explored today!

so right after limey arrived, i took him out for a spin :) was gonna try out the route to sch, and then ride along the mrt line to tiong bahru to buy some books from sks bookstore…but one thing led to another and i was soon on west coast highway.. i decided then..why not go to vivo!! :D (can take touristy pictures anyway! :P)

snippets along the way… :)

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on the return trip back, cuz i had to get on alexandra road, i passed by keppel bay drive and was very intrigued by this signn!

privee (the restaurant?) the legendary paktor spot

always heard of pple talking about this dock and how it’s such a nice paktor (dating) spot, so i decided to go have a look for’s amazing! superr nice!!

on the way in...

amazing dock

close up!

boats boats <3

more boats! <3 ahh will i ever own one next timee?


cablecars in the background

beautiful skyline with more cablecars

LIMEY being chained for the first time as i went to get a drink at cheers..i wonder why they call h-two-o a thrist quencher when it makes me more thirsty!!

anyways, nice spin today! :) decided to bring my camera along cuz in my 22 years of life, even though i’ve lived in singapore, i’ve never really taken time to just look and enjoy the country for its worth. it’s beautiful.

butt aching like mad now. and blisterrs all over my hands!



cycling kit tday! haha yes...the street directory was very helpful :X hehe

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4 Responses to watch out DORA, here comes DEBORA the explorer! :P cycling to vivocity/prive!

  1. wari says:

    Hey, great ride! I’d like to suggest that you raise the seat up a bit (or a lot), it’s bad for the knees if you bend it too much when cycling. As for creaks, may be due to the rear suspension, try to get WD-40 and spray there, see if it helps.
    Anyway, I’ve never been to the Marina @ Keppel, looks nice.

    • yeahh I tried to bring up the seat but it gets too high and my feet can’t reach the ground! is that a common problem? and how do u get around it?? thks for the wd-40 tip! shall try it :)

      yupp it’s a really nice place! can bring ur wife there! very beautiful!! :)

  2. wari says:

    When you bring up the seat, and pedaling becomes comfortable, you will not be able to touch the ground unless you’re a ballerina or something. SO, before riding, be OUT of the saddle, stand on the ground with one foot on the pedal. When going off, lift your legs off the ground and use the other leg to ‘carry’ your butt to the saddle.

    Try practicing standing on the bike while moving, but with only one foot on the pedal. It will become natural.

    As for stopping, same goes, take off one foot, and let it standby near the ground, get your butt out of the saddle, and when you come to a complete stop, just let the other foot that is off the bike touch the ground naturally.

    Practice on grassy areas just in case you fall. But this should be second nature to you.

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