cycling, squash, yoga and body jam!!


Cycling route to NUS and back (click to enlarge!)


and so…day 4 of my one week break. zomg :'( i wanna cry alr..why is my holidays ending so quickly!!!

so anyway, yesterday was ‘sports day’..maxed it to the max manz. cycled to school, played squash w thengwai, zhencong, yanyuan and kaiping for abt 2 hrs, had pepperlunch (new at yih!!!), and cycled back home. wanted to try the 6th ave route home, cuz it looked like it was mostly downhill..but  to my dismay, there were a few uphills too. nearly died manz!!

so then got home, took a quick shower, watched a bit of tv and was off to true fitness at vivo for yoga and bodyjam class with sheryl and jeanne.

sheryl and i came to a conclusion that yoga was manz so not for us. just makes us wanna fall asleep. and trying to hold a position is not as relaxing as they make it out to be. all this time, i was like thinking in my head, “can i get up now??? how abt now…and noww?? mmm..ok noww???” a lot of stretching but i think my fav part was at the end where u just lie down and relax and not move. naise!

body jam was real fun! like really really really fun, if there’s any class u should ever go for, it should be this!

wad a maxxed out day manz. today i’m aching like mad, i cant tell what’s the cause of it though! i have a strong suspicion it could be squash. hehe love squash ttm! <3 (which brings me to this: was just watching amazing race asia 4 on tv! my squash teammate/classmate representing singapore!! coolios! :) she used to ‘bully’ me haha fun times. anyhoos, i dun usually watch amazing race, but after watching it on axn, i went to start watchin from episode 1!! haha quite funny!! i likie!)

okies, gotta run! gonna prepare for a night out with the girls. :)

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One Response to cycling, squash, yoga and body jam!!

  1. Liz says:

    Yoga becomes relaxing once you’ve managed to get into the groove of the pose! Pilates helps, because having a strong core helps in so many poses. And holding it for longer despite the discomfort builds up endurance :D it helped me endure many a painful medical treatment/massage…

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