pedal dropped off! :(

oh my gawd!! my left pedal just dropped off :( i’m flabbergasted!

sigh omg and this is just after I had so much trouble attaching the rear and front lights

it’s times like this I wish I had a bf to do all this man tasks for me! I’ve still gotta figure out how to open the rear lights to put the batteries in

took some pictures! was actually very proud with my work of attaching the rear lights and all but sigh feel so despondent after my pedal dropped out :( so’s not even been a week! now i’ve gotta call the service centre to see how..sighhh

oh sad man this after I spent $$ buying accessories and all for it..apart frm the lights, lime’s got a bell there’s no need for me to keep going, “excuse me excuse me! sorry sorry”…if my bike gets fixed soon that is… I’ve got a helmet now too, but my ponytail doesn’t really fit in..prob have to tie it lower..but so hot
oh wells nvm shall see how..hopefully lime gets fixed soon! doesn’t mean just cos i bought lime on offer, means that his pedal can just drop off liddat!!!! :(

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3 Responses to pedal dropped off! :(

  1. wari says:

    This is what you get when you buy a cheap bike, and actually intend to do more than riding to market to get some stuff. What do you mean by the pedal came off? Any pics?

    Psst: Get a new bike :P I can probably recommend you something if you need help in that department.

    • hahahah new bike! lolll warii!! so bad influence tsktsk my parents will kill me hahaha maybe when i earn my own keep and be sure i can sustain cycling then i’ll get! haha will consult you then!!!

      here’s e picture:
      called them today shd still be under warranty! :) phew

      oh btw!! great job on ur tour de bintan!!! really inspiration + respect to the max!!!!! nice!!!!! :D

      • wari says:

        Ah, ok, that’s not the pedal, but the crank arm (easy to fix actually) :) But as for MTBs in general, a reasonable bike will cost you at least $500. Below $400, you will quickly be replacing parts end up costing you more in the long run. My MTB bike costs me $1400, and that’s considered low end on a so called ‘budget’ level (of course, I insisted on hydraulic disc brakes)

        As for roadie bikes, well, same thing, around $500 bucks, but don’t do it till you’ve mastered the MTB at least. Most people buy a roadie, end up not enjoying it. My road bike, well somewhere near $3K++ after spending on extras

        Or you can get the best of both worlds, a hybrid bike, something that looked like an MTB (with front suspension and MTB handlebars, but with roadie tires), won’t really be as fast as a road bike, and wont go thru extreme terrain, but you got something in between.

        You cannot compare the price of a bike to the price of a running shoe, hehe, imagine the number of shoes you need to fill the size of the bikes, and that’s your cost.

        Oh, and thanks for the kind words :)

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