eat-a-lot monday, body pump and body combat!

today i ate a massive hell lot!! easily 3000+ calories! :S mayo chicken sandwich (double square sliced), 6half slices of pizza, 3 scoops of icecream plus topping (was gonna stop here but when i got home..i wallopped more food)- rice, longbeans, 2 honey glazed chicken wings!!! zomg :S oh wells nvm, i enjoyed them v much.. maybe xcept the nydc double choc chip icecream la…igloo yoghurt icecream so much better!!!

anywayss, went to the gym tday with ash and we did body pump and body combat! was really fun! body pump totally piqued my interest in crossfit! always thought it was too man for me but it’s really not. it’s a good way to tone and it’s pretty cool too! juz not sure if i can do it on my own without gym class

body combat was really awesome too. like super duper fun. love the hurrghhh hurgghhh hurghh punch punch kick kick jump around thingy. hee was quite funny, think the whole class just ended up making a lot of hurghh noises cos one of the dude in front was making a lot of those noises haha fun stufff!!! :D

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