Spinning and workout!

Home gym today, tried a spinning routines on my own, incorporating what i learnt from spinning class to a routine i found online and modified it a lil:

30 min spinning workout:

6 mins seated flat warm up
3 mins standing turns
1 min recovery

15 secs seated sprints for 3 mins
4 mins seated flat with arm workouts learnt from spinning class!

4 mins standing climb
3 mins seated climb

4 mins seated flat
4 mins cool down

My home spinning machine’s not really like the one at spinning class. Ahha and i suspect that’s cuz it’s more an exercise bike than a spinner!! So the standing turns not v fun. Like the bounce and momentum is not really there. Wells, better than nothing!!

I did this workout with my Motiontraxx 130bpm Latino Mix..i’ve only used it one other time for a long jog it was not bad…But omg this is so great for spinning man. Love it to bits!

130 BPM Latino-city Vol. 2 (Deekron ‘The Fitness DJ’)

01. El Ritmo Latino (Original Club Mix)  by MAnu XTC – Playdagroove
02. Alegria (Jason Rivas Latin Club Mix) by  Elsa Del Mar – Playdagroove
03. Calor En Ocean Drive (Original Mix) by Jason Rivas – Playdagroove
04. Mamita (Davidson Ospina Remix) by Clemens Rumpf, Davidson Ospina – Playdagroove
05. Loopita (Ara Soundsystem Remix) by Gil Montiel – Para Disco
06. Vive La Vida (DJ Sign Remix) by ACK, Simon Point, David Puentez – Azucar Distribution
07.El Heroe (Original Extended Mix) by Jason Rivas, Elsa Del Mar –  Playdagroove
08. Alicante (Original Mix) by David Vendetta – Susnshine Records
09. Tu Musica Me Excita feat. Samarys (Original Mix) by Iván Robles, Jamar Jackson – Selektor Music
10. Ponle Pasion (Original Club Mix) by Jason Rivas, Elsa Del Mar– Playdagroove
11. Ataole feat. Batata (Original Latin Mix) by Dr. Harvey– Azucar Distribution

Anyways, this workout was max manz. Perspired so much, sweat drips all over the machine (and mr wiggles!) and even into my mouth. Salty ttm!! Think it’s like all the salty from my popeyes on Tuesday!

After that did the abs machine
20×3 front
20×3 left obliques
20×3 right obliques

And the arm pulling thing..forgot what it’s called 70reps

Then some crunches and triceps dumbbells.

Gonna try go for toning, so i’m gonna do light weights and many many reps (as many as i can!) that’s how toning goes..as far as i know..

Naise. Love the adrenaline pumping pumping pumping!!!

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