Saturday squash and jump start car

yest was an interesting day. arranged to meet gwyneth at school to play squash at 10am. met samantha, this fren whom i met on my turkey trip and played with her. nice game! but i really need to train more man!! i practically got thrashed like shizzz

so anyway, after gwyneth came, we started to play and the worst thing ever happened! i was just scooping the ball, a non- intense movement, practically like jsut picking up the ball and then..kiiapp..i twisted my back. was freaking painful. now it still hurts and i cant really straighten it. like i have a list to the left now. daddy says it’s prob a muscle spasm, i did the straight leg raise test on myself. lol no shooting pain so yeah cant be anything serious. but it’s like really pain ttm! pain score yest was like 8/10!
now, after multiple doses of anarex, and feeling drowsy from yest to today, pain score is abt 5-6/10 much better, but still pain!

anyways, when we got to her car, we had a shock! the car couldnt start. was a pretty unnerving experience cuz we both had totally no idea wad to do. in the end, campus security came to our rescue. and now we both know how to jump start a car.


ok paeds starts tmr. that’s the end of my slack life (for the past 2 wks). shall shower and off to bed now. i’m tired!

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