29 oct 2010 spins and weights, sumo squats! blast those inner arms and thighs!

random note of the day: best way to mop up spills- socks!!

(in bid to incorporate the new lifestyle of a shiong paeds posting and exercise!!!) random fact of the day: physiological S2 split
1. Chest wall expands during inspiration
2. Intrathoracic pressure becomes more negative to form a vacuum
3. Venous return from the body to the right heart increases + Venous return from the lungs to the left heart decreases
4. Right ventricular volume and emptying time increases + Left ventricular volume and emptying time decreases
5. Pulmonic valve closure is delayed + Aortic valve closure is advanced
6. S2 splits into A2 and P2 respectively
7. Expiration equalizes filling and emptying times on both sides of the heart eliminating the splitting of S2

dragged my ass to the gym today at 10.15pm (15mins earlier than yesterday!! gd jobs d..haha muz encourage myself) and did 30mins of spins, same regime as the last round– warmup, turns, 15 secs sprints, climbing and then did some weights, mainly for the arms- somehow i really dont think it’s v effective..not as effective as body pump class- rats! somehow i’m really conned and into the benefits of this gym class thing- too bad my free pass is over (though i did not even go down once this wk, my last free wk!) have to find someway to work out the inner arms and thighs. i cant seem to find a way to activate those muscles. haha ok, i just googled it- here goes the solution- sumo squats with triceps extensions! :D

anyways, been working out without music (yest and today). think it really does make a difference cuz i just did those sumo squats with my deektron motiontraxx music. so much more enjoyable!

have to charge my ipod more regularly!! (see my laziness knows no bounds!!!!)

random happening: crazy kid in neighbouring block blowing recorder- all out till it makes the very zhao siar kinda noise!! but, hey i used to do that too ;)

okies, taa.. gonna shower!

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