whines again

i’m so lazy. all i do all day is eat and sleep :(

no yaf today cuz it was kindergarten concert, so then i fell asleep (unintentionally!!) from 1pm to 6pm! got up, opened book, poured THREE bowls of cereal, eat, read 1 short section, 7 o clock show start, watch tv for 2 hrs, eat more peanuts, eat dinner, show end, eat ice cream and zomg it’s 9.34pm alr.

i’ve so many things to settle! catch up on readings, do something abt my portfolio. i dont even have a decent outpatient case yet!! :( and there’s only 1 day of clinic nxt wk, my last clinic chance before this assignment is due

i live from snack to snack… this is bad :(

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