to sunset way 6k! and cardio grouses…

much slower pace than my prev run..and it was pretty much max effort already lol

nothing beats a hearty meal after a run. ahh naise :)

pace today was much slower than my run with ilman on sun. shows wad poor discipline and pacing i have by myself! was max effort alr though it was a shorter distance and slower pace!

dunno whether to be happy or not.. on one hand, max effort= work hard= not reaching a plateau= effective cardio…but on the other hand..why only run to sunset way so tired alr???? i usu run to the sp sign, and feel ok..and just 20 days ago, when i ran >10k  w jeanne, also at the the faster pace 7’30”, i actually felt veryy shiok! now only 6k and so shag. shows how much slacking and decondition you :/ …so fast!!

the thing i hate abt cardio is that the first 20mins is really not counted, so my 51min run today was effectively just 30mins!! :( that’s such an annoying thing when time is so precious…

already 9pm! and i only just had dinner and only gonna start work abt now. that leaves me with just ~3hrs to mug/do admin stuff/fb/youtube if i aim to sleep by 12midnight..

zzzz okays tataass…

did 3 sets crunches and obliques today while watchin the 7 oclock cheena show!

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