bt timah hill jog+ swimming

bt timah hill jog! the dip near the beginning is the steeeep first part of the hill! coming down was the closest i’d ever be to running at a 5’XX” pace that all the really fast runners run at! feet were much friction!

didnt go for cts today :x, instead went back home :D :D for a jog up bt timah hill /around and then a swim! did 30 laps of my small pool, which i like to think is at least 15m each that makes it a 450m swim I think! (wish I knew how to measure the length!)

yest and today i’ve been trying to count calories, but ya know what, think i’m just gonna give up, cuz i’ll keep exceeding anyway! like yest i hit more than 2000! and today like more than 1500! plus i was just writing out what’s coming up next for me and omg so stressful. i really dont think i shd be curbing my eating now. really need all the comfort food i can get!

upcoming: portfolio (need to do my outpt case! find inpt + f/u 2days, then write case), mini-cex, revise all the interactives (i’ve been doing fluids&electrolytes for the last 3 days!! and i’m still on it cuz i keep falling asleep- think i’ve to cut down my cardio to..once a week :'( for the sake of mugging!), study for paeds(darn a lot!!) , ethics test, patho pros- darn a lot too(i realised there’s only 21 days if i start only after paeds ends! which means for now i’ve to start consolidating my forensic patho stuff which i never really paid attn to :/), have to dedicate my dec weekends for some research prep stuff in the lab

jialat man. dunno how. maybe shd convert my cardios to cycling- faster and less tiring (on flat grnd at least!) dunno manz but i’d still have to spend first 20mins (so waste time!!!) before the rest is cardio urgh like i mentioned before..i really hate this!!!!!!!

next 10wks is gonna be goes….

*deep breathhh

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