squash! :) outdoor film and mcspicy double :x

squashed with thengwai and xtina at kevii today (tw’s lob services are-to-die-for!!! from being super lazy abt playing properly, it totally stirred me to WANTTT to get it!! standing there and missing all the damn nice lob services = super arrrhh!!)

we went to watch an outdoor film at botanical gardens after tt. our ‘picnic’ dinner was very unhealthy, haha but hey fast food for busy/lazy pple. :) we wanted to get pizza, but we were afraid we were gonna be late..so we rush rush rush..and in the end, they started late. never pays to be on time i tell you!!

i had mcspicy DOUBLE, fries and green tea- think that’s about 1300 calories JUST for dinner!!!!

the film we watched at botanical gardens. never really thought ballet was quite cool until now. the tap dancing was really cute too. nice..nice!

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4 Responses to squash! :) outdoor film and mcspicy double :x

  1. sheryl says:

    oh debo i’m so jealous! the film looks really good!

  2. sheryl says:

    yeah i’d wanna go!i went for 2 before, mary poppins and this french film

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