virgin attempt at barefoot jogging!!

so after seeing the really nice video link that dm-er agus posted on barefoot running, and hearing raves abt barefoot running by pple who have done it before, i decided to give it a go! :D

decided to do a jog up bt timah hill (shaded so floor wont be hot!)..all i can say is..OMG. it is really the best experience ever!!! it’s the most liberating run i’ve ever had in my entire life, and i’ll definitely do it again!

only thing now is that i have a burst blister/cut on my big toe now. hope i dont get meliodosis or something :S haha
anyhoos, barefoot running changes my footing and i really like it.hardly landed on my heel…until the burst blister/cut came up half way and i had no choice but to do so to avoid my it. but omg it is reallly really amazing. who knew barefoot jogging could be so fun! definitely my newest, most favouritest hobby of all time!!


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