:):) jacuzzi, swimming, steambath, gym! :D

hehe yup the title summarizes it all.

i had a really awesome sunday. calf muscles been aching like MAD from my barefoot run. i suppose landing on ur forefoot really maxes ur calf muscles to max. prob also cuz i didnt stretch after that (heh i’m lazy like that :P heh :P)

so anyway, cuz my calves hurt so bad, running’s really out of the question so swimming :D

got into the jacuzzi first to relax and read a book, then when i got bored i moved on to swim :) i did 60 laps at the bigger pool today! :D i like how doing more laps than i usually do is a real ‘mind-over-matter’ kinda affair. it’s like c’mon c’mon half way there..30 more to go, 20 more to go..15 more to go that’s a quarter left..go go go!! nice deep breathss..pushhh. i like it, i really do :)

after that 60 laps, i went back to the jacuzzi to rest for a bit..and then to the steam bath! my first time ever trying it out and myy..it is sooo relaxing. i feel so good after that. skin felt smoother and just taking deep breaths in the steam bath just is so nice. and after that when u step out in the open to smell the fresh air..ahh nice :):)

went gymming after that, did weights, concentrating on arms, abs and a bit of legs.

fruitful day :D ahh :P

oh did i mention, i had macs before this! hehe mcspicy meal, upsized! :D hee could my day get any better!!! :D:D

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