why is it I’m not v bright :( my grades are ok, but they’re not stellar.. I dun really mind but of cuz it’d be much better if I had stellar grades

been quite stressed lately abt elective app..not going too well cuz I’ve unwittingly chosen all the electives that they do not usually give to international students and to top it off, I’ve rather disorganized and messy abt the whole thing. I’m so stressed, been stress eating a whole lot.

I’m not hungry, in fact I feel full..but sigh eating’s the only thing that makes me feel better

after my yongtaufoo lunch, and fruits, I had a milo-c and another char siew bao. on the way back, I bought haribos mega roulette (more than half gone!) and a whole pack of chipsmore (all gone now :( ) and fruitjuice. maggi mee’s on the way now..
it’s really disgusting, the amt I eat, but i really can’t help it. nothing else makes me feel better :(

sighh logging this in cuz I feel real guilty.

the next few wks leading to the year end ain’t gonna get any easier too :(:( stressed stressed stressed :S

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