15k jog!


15k jog! took ~2hrs... my aunt who lives in Florida completed abt the same distance in just ~92mins!!! and she's in her fourties!! inspiration to the max!! awesome!!

did a 15k jog yesterday! took abt 2h! took a v lazy pace, just couldnt push myself to go any harderr. anyway halfway my aim was to go all out and do another 6k to reach 21k cuz anyway i was going so slow- might as well make it an endurance run and fulfill my goal to do a halfmara on/before 5/12/10 when all the rest of singapore and a lot of my frens are doing the half mara! but it started to rain halfway..and though it kinda stopped towards the end of my 15k, i was scared it would start again, so i didnt continue the next 6k…OK BULLSHITT hahaha was getting tiredd..knees a bit sore.. LOL and yes getting lazy.hurr plus my 7 oclock show was startin!!!

hahah anyway think my 051210 plan’s a bit too ambitious. my plan was to do 10k,15k, then 21k. 3 major runs in 3 weeks to reach that final 21k, with no other runs in between..cuz playhouse rehearsal is almost every other day!!! LOL

my plan today was also trying to cheat la. kept telling myself..ohmeegoshhh if u do the 21k today, then next week u dont have to restart another 15k before u reach 21k!!!!!! AND AND AND u save another 20mins of not-counted-start-up-cardio!!!! comeon come on..at most another 1hr more of jogging!!

lol alas! hahahaha n0ob and overambitious. must do it progressively..or else..i see injuries in the near future! hurr ok so plan 051210 has to wait. but i’ve set a goal to at least finish a 21k by end feb, which is a feasible one cuz it’s after patho pros in jan (jan 10/11) and i’ve more than a month to train! (not to mention no school hee cuz i cancelled my research elective that i was gonna chiong during the break- HEE i think tt’s a smart choice..i wanna enjoy medsch man! life’s not all abt chionging i now conclude) hehe okies tataa :D

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