Nike+ vs adidas miCoach Pacer | Calvin’s Hub

ahhh…still want the adidas micoach v badly!!!!!!!!!!!

Nike+ vs adidas miCoach Pacer | Calvin’s Hub.
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With the boom in running these days, a lot of people are looking for ways to track their running progress, including those who only run for fun. The two most popular brands in sport, Nike and adidas, have their own electronic devices to help you know more about your runs.Nike + or adidas miCoach Pacer?My wife has been using the Nike + for a while now and she’s very happy with it. I find theNike+too simple so I’m looking into alternatives and I found the recently announcedadidas miCoach Pacermuch to my liking.

Here’s a short comparison between these two running devices.

Nike+ ($37.95)

TheNike+has been out for a long time and teaming up with Apple’s iPod had made this pedometer really successful. Just plug thereceiveron your iPod and secure the Nike+ sensor on yourshoeand you’re good to go.

Nike+ Sport KitIt will keep track of the distance, calories burned, time and the pace of your run and you can sync it to youriTunes. FromiTunes, you can upload the data into your account at Nike Running website to record your progress and show off to your friends.

adidas miCoach Pacer ($139.99)

Only released this year, theadidas miCoach Pacerplans to grab a market share from Nike+ and they might do just that real soon. It is for those who really want to improve on their running without hiring a coach.

adidas miCoach Kit

The miCoach Pacer is composed of three devices, thereceiver(miCoach),heart rate monitorand pedometer. The real advantage of using miCoach is itsheart rate monitorand coupled with the miCoach itself, it will instruct you if you need to speed up or slow down based on your training plan.

Serious runners know that the best way to train for a run (especially marathons) is by tracking your heart rate so you can maintain your tempo pace.

The only drawback here is its fairly expensive price so you might want to consider getting anational paydayloan to buy this miCoach Pacer.

I was able to try out the adidas miCoach for a couple of months. If you want to know more about it from a casual runner’s perspective, check out my reviewhere.

In a nutshell



adidas miCoach Pacer

– Priced just right
– You only need to replace the sensor if the battery ran out
– NikeRunning acts like a social network and is integrated with Facebook and Twitter
– Heart rate monitor allows you to properly train
– Your own personal coach with different training plans to download
– MP3 player is optional (works with all mp3 players through the audio jack)
– Includes a lace lock to secure the sensor in case you don’t have an adidas miCoach shoe
– Heart Rate Monitor and Stride Sensor have replaceable batteries!!
– Keeps track of your stride rate
– Only works with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod Nano (not unless you get the SportsBand)
– Doesn’t really coach, just inform you about your run
– Need accessory to properly secure the sensor (or a Nike+ shoe)
– A bit expensive
– There’s no way (yet) to replace a single component if it gets broken.
– Cannot interact with other users via the miCoach site (in the works)

Mmmm… I think I would like to have the miCoach Pacer. Too bad it’s a tad bit pricey for casual runners like me.


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