i’m going on a hiatus

this week’s been the sickest week of my life
mon night i had to be transfused with 3 pints of n/s, and potassium was a bit low- had to be supplemented with span k

had been having the worse food poisoning of my life. technically its my 2nd but the first wasnt half as bad. vomitting 11-12 times, until there was nothing left, just gastric juice and bile- yes greenish liquid that sinks to the bottom of the toilet bowl

stomach’s been pretty raw since then. face has been swelling up and today my tonsils has 3 proud strips of pus/exudates

talk abt bad luck and swayness. food poisoning and then tonsilitis in just a span of 5 days.

i sure hope it wont progress to quinsy cuz i saw one getting drained during my ent posting. looked darn painful. but i dont think so cuz the swelling’s gone down (this morning my throat was v tight) and i dont look as sick as the girl did
so yup, fingers crossed

i think i’ve been taking the normal functioning of my body for granted. pushing it to limits/ or thinking of pushing it to its max limit. at this point in time, i cant help put think tt’s really dumb

it’s really a taken for granted thing- this normal body- no feeling of discomfort, the ability to drink water with no issues. i think i’m going to take a hiatus. have to mug anyway.

so till then……

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