I’M BACK!!!!! pre-gymming 30 mins!

pre-gymming easing-in run after a 3 wk brk!! my injection tracts on my butt are still hurting thoughh!! and gymming's a bit too much for me at the moment..feel so sick and nauseous!!

been running since april, and i havent lost a kg!!! then i caught some nasty paeds bug, fell real sick, loss my appetite for abt 4 days, and i lost 4 kg!! zomg..

but of cuz i’ve put it back on, frm all the christmas cheer..hurr i love food!! omn nom nom…hahahahah

on another note!! my nike challenge of 210 miles in 2010 has been reached!! :D according to nike plus, i have 344.42km this yr! which is 214 miles!! :D whee still 1 more day in the year to go!!!

hee achieving this goal= have a goal segment on the right! :P

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