it’s the new yr!!

ok shall not spend so much time blogging alr

anws, did 30mins cardio yest! for 1/1/11
went w my mom to the gym today, did pre-gymming 30mins spins!

6mins warm up
3 mins standup warmup
1min sit down warm up

3mins- 15 secs sprints with 10s rest intervals
5mins- increase resistance sit down spins
4mins- increase resistance stand up spins
4 mins- increase resistance sit down spins
4 mins- normal resistance sitdown spins/warm down

then we decided to try out the stability ball after weights. hahah was quite fun! cant quite balance on it yet..haha but so fun!

anws, some after thoughts, i fell real sick 3 weeks and 1 day after barefoot jogged up and down bukit timah hill…. so maybe it was some bug i caught from the open wound/maybe some paeds bug i dunno..but it was real sick man..nvm been so sick in my life

guess i wont be barefoot running in a loong time..maybe until i get my barefoot shoes!!

new year goals for jan would be to keep to my schedule! hopefully i can mans..
i’ve planned out a schedule!! with some rest days, some cardio days and some gyming days!

another goal is to spend last time on the comp! so wont be updating my blog so regularly, but will def be updating dailymile! it’s such a waste to see my running afterthoughts all go to waste!!!

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