pregymming cardioo

at the gym!

part 1..before i accidentally hit "end workout"

30 min pregymmin 4.3km :) today

this time round, on top of dragging myself there…
i felt reall unfit..think like stomach and fats spilling out of my shorts..cos of all the snacking i’ve been doing today! finished a whole can of chocolate wafers (absolute delish!!) and 2 huge bowls of cereal, on top of the usual meals…

i hate exams..exams maek u snack…a lot! it’s the only thing that keeps u awake :( if’s sleep/ play stupid ipod touch games (like bakery story!! :):) ) haha

anyhoos, brings me to the point of how the gym has become my escape. i just cant/ dont think of any work/exams there man. hope it stays like that..even on this sat and sun! mon and tues are my exams!!

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