1st post exam gymming!

so i broke my new yr’s resolution to keep to my scedule..havent execerised since saturday!! was too stressed over the exams man :( and i mean really stressed

so anyways i’m done with year 4 exams!! YAY! i’m a m4.5 now :D electives should be real fun :D

anw post exams been rather busy, catching up on sleep, catch up on having a life!!!, meetinng people/meeting frens, finally celebrating both christmas and new year- explains why i’ve been pretty stagnant even after exams have ended!

today i reached home so late that i only had time to gym, no time to do cardio. but i worked extra hard, doing extra reps to try to make up for it. though it def isnt the same, but oh wells! better than nothing :)

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