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26 feb 2011

tiredd today +++ no idea why, school’s not been tough rested for two whole days fro any exercise so anyway after 2hrs of ai on channel 8 (lol) dragged myself to the gym and clocked in 2hrs :) kinda a … Continue reading

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Everywhere I Go- Shawn Mullins

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Rest Day

So today’s my scheduled rest day and i’m determined to rest. :) back home alr, on my nice comfy bed. Decided not to go for clinics today cos they were all gen clinics, and I did loads of reading in … Continue reading

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think i’m getting tired….

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a few runs and first injury!!

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7k pace run!

day 2 of my asics plan- 7k pace run! measured my weight increase of 1kg from what i last wrote abt yest. HORRORS :/ but at the rate i’m eating…sighhh after i got home, i hate 3 packets of … Continue reading

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i did it!

ok, so i did it! :) logged a 5k jog today!! starting to follow this asics plan scedule thingy ( from today. though it’s supposed to be a jog according to my schedule…it was a RUN, really!! lol so unfit!! next … Continue reading

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so hard to get back

it’s so hard to get back to exercising! :( wanted to today, but, laziness got in the way, plus other stuff to settle sianz! been really out of shape + eating non stop!!! chinese new yr…and just finished my 4 … Continue reading

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