so hard to get back

it’s so hard to get back to exercising! :(
wanted to today, but, laziness got in the way, plus other stuff to settle

been really out of shape + eating non stop!!!
chinese new yr…and just finished my 4 week gen surg posting, which i realllly realllllly realllly loved!!! :D:D:D, but left me reallly tired
and so effectively, from the last post, i havemt exercised one bit!!!


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1 Response to so hard to get back

  1. wari says:

    1. Put on some top
    2. Put on a comfortable pair of shorts
    3. Shoes, not the high heels kind.
    4. Walk outside, breath some fresh air.
    5. When the mood comes, try out a couple of strides.
    6. Jump around, skip, do some jumping jacks.
    7. If it hits you, run slowly. no need to push it, no huffing and puffing, don’t worry about breaking records, or doing your best (you’ll eventually get there)
    8. Walk if you need to rest. Then run slowly again.
    9. Enjoy life :)

    Some other tips:
    1. Pay some real money to an event that might be impossible for you (Marathon in 5/6 months).
    2. Train.

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